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NHSFR Camper Rentals


From RV Businesses:
Jack’s Campers - (877) 356-1812 or (605) 999-8781
Eastside RV - (307) 686-1435

From Local Residents:
All local residents will list their RV's on RV Share or the below linked Facebook Page.
RV SHARE: Please visit the site and in the search criteria enter Gillette, WY and camping event dates (July 14 - 25, 2022). This will generate the available campers that you can search and find what fits your needs. You can then reserve this camper. This is similar to an Airbnb, but for camping.
FACEBOOK: Please visit the site and join the Camper Rental page. Search through the camper posts for what you are looking for. Contact the seller and coordinate all arrangements and payments.
Facebook Group Page

Please notify CAM-PLEX of all rental exchanges so we can expect the camper to be delivered.


Do you have a camper you are willing to rent to a NHSFR contestant family?
Place your ad today on or the group Facebook Page.

RV SHARE: RV Share is similar to an Airbnb but for campers.
Follow these steps to list your camper for rent.
  1. Select "list your RV" & Create an account
  2. Upload current photos and info on your camper
  3. Register availability during the NHSFR dates
    • July 14-25, 2022
    • If you are only wanting to exchange for this event, please make sure your only available dates for rental reflect that.
  4. Set your nightly rate
    • RV Share does charge a service fee

Contestants & families will search available campers for their needs and complete a reservation. Deposits and funds are taken and kept securely through RV Share and distributed after the rental exchange. Communication can be tracked through the site.

Contact CAM-PLEX after rental exchange is complete to setup a time to deliver the camper to contestants campsite.

Benefits of listing on RV Share: Free to join, RV rental insurance coverage, exchange of funds directly to your account, and EASY!

FACEBOOK: Please visit the site and join the Camper Rental page. please create a post with the camper information (amenities, sleep total, etc.), and pictures. Start a conversation with an interested contestant and coordinate all arrangements and payments.

For questions on renting your camper to NHSFR contestant families please contact CAM-PLEX at 307-682-0552 or

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