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CCSD School Performances

Please complete the form for your upcoming school performance. The form includes setup questions, as well as, uploading your completed and signed contract, stage and green room setups, and reserved seating requests. The contract and stage setup are required. Documents to upload in the form can be downloaded by clicking the following links: The links are also included below this form.

In an effort to help teachers budget for performances held at CAM-PLEX, a one-time, all inclusive fee has been established. The fee per school is $135. This includes all equipment, rehearsal times, and rehearsals with an audience. Along with standard prices, the contract and setups are submitted online providing a format that should save time. Once you submit your questions and uploaded documents, the information will be sent to Adam, Morgan and Jessica. Of course if we have any questions, we will be sure to contact you.

If you have any questions contact the following:

Adam Schuff, Technical Director: adam@cam-plex.com
Morgan Cerovski, Assistant Technical Director: morgan@cam-plex.com
Jessica Howard, Performing Arts Manager: jessica@cam-plex.com
Office Number: 307-682-0552

We look forward to working with you!

Upload Completed and Signed Contract

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Upload Auditorium Seating Diagram to indicate reserved seating requests
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