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Season Logo

Each school year the CAM-PLEX Heritage Center Theater asks Campbell County teachers to allow their students to participate in a logo design contest. Participants include high school, junior high, and 5th through 6th grade elementary students. CAM-PLEX rotates through each grade level yearly.

Students are asked to incorporate representations of what the Heritage Center is and does in their design. This includes the Heritage Center motto "Where the arts come to life!".


Theme / Purpose
  • Does the design incorporate multiple art forms?
  • Does it show the arts "coming to life"?
  • Is the design representative of what the Heritage Center is and does?
Creativity & Originality
  • Is the design original?
  • Is the design similar to past logos?
  • Is the concept of the design complete and well executed?
Use of Visual Art Elements
  • Is there a strong use of the art elements (line, movement, color, texture, form, value, etc.)?
  • Is the design complete and well thought out?
  • Does the design have visual impact?
  • Is the design interesting, clever, or just plain cool?
Translation to Graphic Design
  • Can text be easily added or incorporated?
  • Can the design easily translate to printed and online marketing (including t-shirts, calendars, mural, etc.)?
  • How will the design look when enlarged or shrunk?

Prize and Honors for Winners

The chosen design will be featured on the cover of the Heritage Center season booklet and on the wall of the Heritage Center Lobby. In addition, the winning artist will receive tickets to all the Arts in Education shows for that season.

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